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Forbidden Zone: Ultimate Edition (Blu-ray)

The Movie:

A grotesque, absurd, musical trash masterpiece, Forbidden Zone was also upsetting to gain a Rocky Horror-size following when it debuted in 1980 — hell, it is nonetheless very uncomfortable to watch now — but it has gradually grown an appreciative cult, thanks in portion to a nicely restored and effectively-supplemented 2004 DVD release, as nicely as a slight redux in 2008 which augmented the film’s stylized black-and-white photography with some stylized pc colorization. This new “Ultimate Edition” Blu-ray slaps on numerous (even though not all) of the bonuses from the old DVD, and even adds a CD of the out-of-print soundtrack album that was put out by Varèse Sarabande in the ’90s.

Director Richard Elfman’s debut is an onslaught of perverse sexuality, gross-out visuals, racist and sexist jokes, outlandish acting, and unfiltered imagination. The visual style grabs from ’50s sitcoms, Fleischer brothers cartoons, underground comix, and German Expressionism, but on a greatly decreased price range. The sets by Marie-Pascale Elfman (who was the director’s wife at the time and also stars in the film as Frenchy) appear precisely like what they are: sets. But this effectively adds to the bizarre theatricality and otherworldliness of the entire enterprise. Animations by John Muto — which combine cut and pasted photographs with airbrushed drawings — assist to bridge sequences and expand the palette of the flick.

The film is an offshoot from a musical-theatrical cabaret act referred to as the Mystical Knights of the Oingo Boingo, which incorporated old-timey, ’20s- and ’30s-style jazz and pop. The film features lots of music in this vein, courtesy of composer and arranger Danny Elfman, but it also involves more spasmodic new wave sounds that one would tend to associate with Elfman’s rock band (newly formed in the course of filming), referred to as just Oingo Boingo.

The story of Forbidden Zone is largely beside the point but, in a nutshell, right here it is. There’s this group of oddballs, the Hercules loved ones: Swedish-accented Pa (Gene “Ugh-Fudge Bwana” Cunningham), secret drinker Ma (Virginia Rose), brutal mute Grampa (Hyman Diamond), 12-year-old Flash (Phil Gordon, who is decades older than the actor playing Grampa), and daughter Susan B., aka Frenchy, so named because she went to France and began being all French. They lately moved into a residence that has a portal in the basement to the sixth dimension.

Right after hearing about the fate of Renee Henderson (co-writer Matthew Bright, making use of the name “Toshiro Boloney”), a cross-dressing kid who got sucked into the portal, Frenchy decides to verify it out, against her parents’ wishes. When she gets to the sixth dimension, she catches the eye of the diminutive King Fausto (Fantasy Island‘s Hervé Villechaize). Regrettably, Fausto’s queen is the large, brassy, and intensely jealous Doris (Fat City‘s Susan Tyrrell, who was dating Villechaize at the time). She locks Frenchy up in the dungeon and has the Princess (Gisele Lindley, consistently clad only in panties, gloves, and high heels) prep her for torture. Flash and Grampa go via the portal to save Frenchy but they get distracted by raping prisoners and beating gorillas to death. Chicken boy Squeezit Henderson (Vibrant once more) have to then build up the courage to enter the portal and save everybody.

Oh, plus there is a dude with a giant frog head. And efficiency art duo the Kipper Kids. And Viva from Warhol’s motion pictures and Lions Adore. And Joe Spinnell from the Rocky motion pictures and Maniac. And Danny Elfman shows up as Satan, singing the Cab Calloway classic “Minnie the Moocher” with modified lyrics about how he desires to do the Princess.

And that is really only a mildly sufficient sum-up of all the weird and wild shit that goes on in this flick.

The acting capacity of the cast members varies wildly from “early John Waters” to “late John Waters.” Susan Tyrrell appears to be getting a specifically very good time, hamming it up as Queen Doris, while Hervé Villechaize seems right at property ogling the flesh of the several oft-naked young women surrounding him. Matthew Bright, who later directed the film Tiptoes and brought the world Gary Oldman as a dwarf, is consistently funny and really sometimes sweet and affecting in his dual part as the downtrodden Squeezit and pleasure-driven Renee.

Considering its unrelenting oddity and irreverent obscenity, Forbidden Zone is not for all tastes. I take into account myself a fan of the film, and even I was taken aback by some of the sicko humor on this distinct re-watch. Even so, if your preferred Baltimore filmmaker is John Waters and not Barry Levinson, or you prefer James Gunn’s Troma output to his current Marvel blockbuster, or you consider that Peter Jackson hasn’t produced a excellent movie given that Meet the Feebles, nicely then, friend, Forbidden Zone is definitely for you.

The Blu-ray
The Forbidden Zone Ultimate Edition consists of the film and bonus characteristics on one area A/B/C-coded BD, and the film’s soundtrack album (operating about 40 minutes) on a single CD. It may possibly just be the evaluation copy I was given, but the booklet talked about in the box copy was nowhere to be located.

The Video:
Forbidden Zone is presented in both its original black-and-white version and the 2008 colour-tinted version. Each AVC-encoded 1080p 1.78:1 presentations are surprisingly clean and clear. I watched half of the film on a smaller sized monitor, and it looked spotless to me. When I put it on a larger screen, I noticed subtle dirt and scratches, but for a low-price range cult film from 35 years, it looks very spiffy. The film grain is desirable with out overwhelming the image and the blacks are inky with very good shadow detail. The color-tinted version looks sort of like old hand-colored postcards:

This is intentional, but I still do not favor it to the original monochrome. I will admit, although, it does definitely make for some striking photos:

The decision, dear viewer, is yours.

The Audio:
Both versions of the film come with a number of audio choices — none of them HD lossless. The black-and-white version functions both a DTS 5.1 surround remix that is pretty center-focused but offers Danny Elfman’s music space to breathe and the original DTS 1. mono mix, which is also completely successful. On the basis of the music alone, nevertheless, I’d go for the remix. The colour version also features the five.1 surround mix, but it also splits the difference with a DTS 2. stereo remix. No subtitle options or closed captioning.

Particular Characteristics:

  • Richard Elfman Intro

(HD, three:46) – A spazzy tiny homemade intro, in which Elfman welcomes viewers and segues into a montage of notion drawings for the impending Forbidden Zone 2.

  • Audio commentary by director Richard Elfman and writer-actor Matthew Vibrant – Carried over from the original DVD, this commentary plays over only the black-and-white version. It’s informative, sure, but mostly just funny and entertaining, this track features Vibrant acting grumpy and horny whilst Elfman tries to pull reminiscences out of him.
  • A Look Into Forbidden Zone (HD upconverted from SD, 37:15) – Also carried more than from the DVD, this documentary includes interviews with director Richard Elfman, his brother and composer Danny Elfman, and various cast members. It also contains plenty of vintage video of the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo in overall performance.
  • Isolated music track – Danny Elfman’s music in DTS five.1 surround.
  • Deleted Scenes (HD, 4:46) – A scattered collection of stray brief bits. Worth a appear.
  • Outtakes (11:17) – Oddly, this is actually a meatier collection of cut scenes than what was truly labeled “deleted scenes,” despite the fact that these appear to be from an earlier version of the production, which has a slightly distinct appear and characteristics a distinct actress playing Squeezit’s mother.
  • Scenes from The Hercules Family members (five:39) – Silent footage from an uncompleted early version of this production, shot in 16mm.
  • Japan Promo (4:01) – A filmed intro Richard Elfman recorded for a Japanese screening of the film, in which he runs down the history and background that led to its creation.
  • Trailer
  • Final Thoughts:
    Forbidden Zone is an undeniably exclusive cinematic expertise, brought to life with good humor, bad taste, a healthier sense of absurdity, low-price range creativity, and seemingly no filter. Very Advisable.

    Justin Remer is a filmmaker, oddball musician, and frequent wearer of beards. Check out his band’s new Nick Lowe tribute album.&#13

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