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Time Soon after Time (Blu-ray)

The Movie:

The 1979 directorial debut of filmmaker Nicholas Meyer, Time After Time requires spot in the Victorian London on 1893. Or more specifically, it begins there. Here we meet H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell), noted futurist and time traveler extraordinaire. He’s dedicated his life to guaranteeing that the future is a vibrant one particular. He’s also produced the world’s initial operating time machine. When his invention is fit for use, he brings collectively Dr. John Leslie Stevenson (David Warner) and a handful of of his associates for a demonstration. Wells and the rest have no thought that Stevenson is in fact the serial killer at present wreaking havoc in London’s east finish identified as Jack The Ripper.

Sadly for Wells, the cops are closing in on the fiend. Why is this unfortunate? Simply because know that Stevenson knows Wells’ time machine works, he coopts it for his own sinister plans and makes use of it to evade the police. Stevenson has, for all intents and purposes, vanished and the only a single who knows how he did it is Wells. He confides in his housekeeper but otherwise keeps mum about all of this. Rather than go to the police with the data he as an alternative decides to travel by means of time to catch Stevenson and bring him back to his own time to see that justice is served. This takes him to the San Francisco of 1979, clearly a really distinct environment than his native London of 1893, and clearly not the paradise he had hoped that the future would be. Here he meets a lovely young woman named Amy Roberts (Mary Steenburgen) who helps Wells in his quest to locate Stevenson, who seems to back up to his old tricks as a new but familiar rash of murders starts to plague San Francisco.

Previous fish out of water story and element science fiction tinged thriller, Time Soon after Time is, if nothing else, great entertainment. The film attributes wonderful interest to period detail in the scenes that take location in the 1800’s and in a lot of methods the image presents some interesting contrast. The Wells of 1893 is idealistic but also naïve. He desires the greatest for the globe and his experiences in the ‘modern age’ prove that factors have not gone the way he had hoped they would. There’s interesting meals for thought here, but there’s also an impressive quantity of tension and suspense worked into the storyline. This comes not just from the impressively rendered and creative chase sequences but also from the truth that as Wells closes in on Stevenson, our antagonist starts targeting these close to our antagonist. That in and of itself isn’t a surprise, it is the central conflict in the film, but how this plays out is clever and engaging. There are moments in the film where, if you feel about it also a lot, the time travel logic employed in the film is a small rocky, but why let that get to you in a operate of fiction?

The performances from our two leads are excellent. Mary Steenburgen appears a tiny uninspired at instances, her performance is not particularly energetic or memorable, but McDowell and Warner are a comprehensive blast here. McDowell’s Wells is, as stated, a bit naïve but he’s a good natured kind and we like him. We want him to win the day and we want him to win the girl. He’s rapid witted and funny but so as well is he noble and excellent of heart. Warner’s Stevenson is the precise opposite. While ever element Wells’ equal in terms of intelligence and cunning, Stevenson is evil and Warner plays the element with some clear relish, with no ever turning into moustache twirling high camp or parody.

The Blu-ray


Time Following Time is presented on a 50GB Blu-ray disc in an AVC encoded 1080p high definition transfer framed at the film’s original aspect ratio of 2.40.1 widescreen. The picture good quality on this disc is exceptional. Taken from a new 2k scan of an interpositive, there’s a lot of detail here and considerable and impressive upgrades over the DVD in that region as properly as in texture and depth. Colour reproduction looks spot on, never artificially boosted or brightened, and black levels are good and inky. There are no problems with any apparent compression artifacts nor is there any apparent edge enhancement or noise reduction. The image is really clean, showing absolutely nothing outside of the odd white speck here and there in terms of print harm, although a nice and natural amount of film grain is evident all through. Detail understandably drops a bit in the scenes with heavy optical effects in use, but you cannot fault the film for that, it is just a solution of its time in that regard. Truly, it is challenging to find considerably fault here. This is a wonderful hunting picture.


The only audio option for the function is an English language DTS-HD two. track. Optional subtitles are offered in English SDH only. This is a solid track. Dialogue is clean, clear and appropriately balanced and there are no concerns to note with any hiss or distortion. The film’s score has great bounce to it and the sound effects and foley effects utilised in the film are mixed in properly enough so that they have the proper influence with out burying the performers.


The main further on the disc is a commentary track with Nicholas Meyer and Malcolm McDowell carried over from the prior DVD release. The participants have been recorded separately and then edited into a single track so we do not actually get something in the way of a conversation in between the two. Obtaining mentioned that, this is a reasonably fascinating commentary. Meyer talks about generating his directorial debut with this film, some of the pressure he found himself below, his thoughts on the script and what it was like functioning with some higher caliber talent on the film in front of and behind the camera. McDowell spends a lot of time speaking about operating with Mary Steenburgen on the film, how their relationship created and eventually turned into a marriage (and then a divorce). He also talks about Meyer’s directing style and his thoughts on operating with David Warner.

Outdoors of that we get the film’s original trailer, menus and chapter choice.

Final Thoughts:

The Warner Archive Blu-ray release of Time Soon after Time comes up a bit quick in the extras department (even though it does at least carry more than the commentary and include the trailer) but it sure does appear and sound actually nice. The film itself is a truly enjoyable watch, solid entertainment by means of and via. The production values are great, the performances from McDowell and Warner are superb and the film’s mix of humor, suspense and sci-fi thrills is a winning combination. Recommended!

Ian lives in NYC with his wife exactly where he writes for DVD Speak, runs Rock! Shock! Pop!. He likes NYC a lot, even if it is expensive and loud.

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The Individuals That Time Forgot (Blu-ray)

The Individuals That Time Forgot is the name of the 1918 short fantasy novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs and its 1977 film adaptation. The second element of Burroughs’s Caspak trilogy, its larger story arc started with The Land That Time Forgot and Out of Time’s Abyss (also all 1918). The Land That Time Forgot was adapted as a 1975 British-American co-production that was surprisingly faithful to Burroughs’s story, but its modest price range precluded the use of quit-motion dinosaurs a la the classic King Kong (1933) and Ray Harryhausen’s Sinbad motion pictures. Alternatively, the film utilized a mixture of full-size mock-ups, puppets, marionettes, and guys in costumes. &#13

&#13 In spite of this, the in the end dark and downbeat film proved to be a commercial accomplishment. Co-producers Amicus (UK) and American International Photographs (USA) quickly followed it with an additional Burroughs story, the lighter-hearted At the Earth’s Core (1976), likewise starring Doug McClure, before tackling The People That Time Forgot the following year. They in no way got around to the technologically challenging Out of Time’s Abyss (and Amicus had gone belly-up by this time), but many of these involved with the very first three films reunited for the Burroughs-esque Warlords of Atlantis (1978).&#13

&#13 Kino-Lorber’s Blu-ray utilizes an superb HD transfer courtesy of MGM and consists of many new and entertaining additional functions. &#13

&#13 American Ben McBride (Patrick Wayne) has organized a post-WWI expedition to Antarctic waters in search of Caprona, the incongruously lushly tropical lost prehistoric continent, in search of his old pal Bowen Tyler (McClure), who with wife Lisa had been the sole survivors of the harrowing adventures told in The Land That Time Forgot. &#13

&#13 Employing a seaplane stored aboard a British naval survey ship, McBride with paleontologist Norfolk (Thorley Walters), lady photographer “Charlie” Cunningham (Sarah Douglas), and pilot Hogan (Shane Rimmer), manage to fly more than Caprona’s otherwise impregnable coastal mountain variety. (Tyler and his buddies and enemies got there by means of an underground passageway.) The plane is broken slightly midflight by a pesky pterodactyl, but McBride, Charlie, and Norfolk press on, leaving Hogan to fix the aircraft. &#13

&#13 Quickly they encounter an English-speaking primitive woman, Ajor (Dana Gillespie), who alerts them that a a lot more technologically advanced warrior tribe recognized as the Nargas had captured Tyler and Lisa (their soldiers put on intimidating, samurai-like armor). Naturally, they decide to infiltrate the Nargas’s skull-motif kingdom in hopes of rescuing McBride’s old buddy. &#13

&#13 It is straightforward to dismiss films like these simply because their specific effects are, to most contemporary eyes, hopelessly primitive to the point of inviting derisive laughter. But, when I first them as a young teenager they held me spellbound. I was savvy sufficient to realize at when how the unique effects were accomplished, but that did little to hinder my willingness to suspend disbelief. The Men and women That Time Forgot was, as a outcome, particularly harrowing and exciting, as nicely as fairly epically tragic in its conclusion. That its dinosaurs were fashioned of chicken wire and rubber mattered small. Today, of course, they’d use CGI to bring them to digitized life, and even though they’d undoubtedly appear and much more realistically in as soon as sense, they’d also sorely lack the organic interaction that in some respects provides these photographs a slight edge. It’s audiences, rather than the artfulness of the particular effects, that have changed alongside the technological advances – advances that have their own set of disadvantages. &#13

&#13 The Individuals That Time Forgot is far more upbeat, if with much less aggressive and clumsy attempts at satire that broken At the Earth’s Core, though it ends somewhat wistfully. Fleshy Doug McClure became something of a minor star via these films following several decades as an almost-top man in Hollywood, where he always seemed to be playing the handsome but hotheaded kid brother. He was a welcome presence that Patrick Wayne, also starring in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger at this time, lacks, even though he’s not undesirable. Sarah Douglas, prolific Canadian expatriate Shane Rimmer, and ever-reliable Thorley Walters are all enjoyable to watch. &#13

&#13 The picture is less faithful than its predecessor, and it tends to rush through its plot during the second-half, leaving out a lot of Burroughs and abbreviating the leftovers. It is nevertheless a worthy sequel and the two films are absolutely a matched pair. It really is hopeful exactly where the other is despairing, and in most respects its particular effects, while much less plentiful, are a bit far more polished, and John Scott’s score is good. (The sound effects, nonetheless, are peculiarly amateurish and, at occasions, distracting in their ineffectiveness.) &#13

&#13 Video &amp Audio&#13

&#13 Licensed from MGM and its AIP holdings, The Folks That Time Forgot appears fabulous on Blu-ray, nearly flawless in its original 1.85:1 widescreen and 1080p. Dissolves and title elements are on the grainy side but largely the film looks excellent, and the DTS-HD Master Audio mono (English only, with no optional subtitles) is fine and the disc is Region A encoded. &#13

&#13 Extra Features&#13

&#13 Supplements contain an audio commentary track with filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith and Individuals‘s director, Kevin Connor new, enjoyable on-camera interviews with Sarah Douglas and Dana Gillespie and a trailer in HD. &#13

&#13 Parting Thoughts&#13

&#13 Fairly entertaining, The Folks That Time Forgot is Highly Advised. &#13

&#13 Stuart Galbraith IV is the Kyoto-based film historian and publisher-editor of Globe Cinema Paradise. His documentary and commentary, for the British Film Institute’s Blu-ray of Rashomon, as is his commentary track for Arrow Video’s Battles without having Honor and Humanity boxed set.&#13

What Do You Consider?&#13

Blu-Ray Reviews

The Land Ahead of Time: Journey of the Brave

Judge Dawn Hunt was disappointed by the lack of Journey’s music.

“He think we stinkweed and won’t want to eats us.”

The Land Prior to Time: Journey of the Brave is the 14th movie in the extended-operating series which started back in 1988. Wait a minute, did I just read my own writing properly? The 14th movie in the series? Yes, dear reader, it is virtually unbelievable but it really is correct. This outing marks the 14th in the series about a group of young dinosaurs who have trials and tribulations in a world without humans in the titular Land Just before Time (aka the Wonderful Valley).

When your series reaches its 14th entry, it’s genuinely hard to expect something new. Hey, the fourth entry in a franchise would be fortunate to offer you viewers anything original. And that’s the case with The Land Ahead of Time: Journey of the Brave. As soon as again we have a story exactly where a quintet of young dinos goes on a journey away from house in the course of which they encounter evil dinosaurs. But of course the ultimate objective of the journey is one particular of self-discovery in the course of which the fivesome learns to appreciate every other’s variations and their friendships are renewed with the bonds stronger than ever.

This go-around Littlefoot (Felix Avitia, Gamer’s Guide to Fairly A lot Every thing) once again takes center stage and the problem at hand hits close to residence. His father Bron (Scott Whyte, Eye Candy) who we met a handful of films ago is the leader of a nomadic tribe of different species of dinosaurs and every single year at the new growth season he comes to pay a visit to Littlefoot and his grandparents (Barry Bostwick, The Rocky Horror Image Show and Miriam Flynn Taz-Mania, respectively). But this year the day arrives with no the subsequent arrival of Littlefoot’s dad. New arrival Wild Arms (Damon Wayans, Jr. New Girl) tells the dinosaurs that Littlefoot’s dad is trapped back at the fire mountain (aka volcano) and to say it is a treacherous journey to contemplate is an understatement. Littlefoot’s grandparents say that as soon as the mountain stops spewing fire they’ll mount a rescue mission to go see what they can do to support Littlefoot’s dad.

But of course what type of a movie would this be if there was a sensible program in spot that everyone truly followed? No, no, of course Littlefoot decides to head off on his own, fearing that each moment he waits is a moment his father could not have. And it wouldn’t be considerably of a Land Before Time film if he goes alone so of course Cera (Anndi McAfee, Hey Arnold!), Spike (Rob Paulson, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Petrie (Jeff Bennett, Jake and the Neverland Pirates) and Ducky (Aria Noelle Curzon, Recess) tag along as effectively.

Narrated by Tony Amendola (Continuum) The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave is a musical adventure about seeking out for your family members, understanding when it really is time to ask for support, and trusting in the people who care about you. And in order to highlight the musical aspect of the film Littlefoot meets new pal Etta (Reba McEntire, Reba) who sings the most properly-performed song of the bunch about hunting for the light. Fundamentally the movie’s moral wrapped up in a song-shaped bow. Bolstered in no modest portion by a continued desire to offer a kid-friendly alternative to 1993’s blockbuster Jurassic Park (and now 2015’s Jurassic World) kids’ fascination with dinosaurs will continue to fuel this franchise till we hit dino overload.

What The Land Ahead of Time series has going for it are audience turnover and a constant household-friendly vibe. There are constantly going to be little youngsters who enjoy dinosaurs and for whom the idea of speaking, totally anthropomorphic creatures will fascinate. The life lessons the series teaches will seldom really feel as even though you are repeatedly obtaining hit more than the head by any. Also a plus is the recap at the starting of the story which means you can jump in at any point in the series if you really wanted.

In terms of technical specs we have a fairly normal 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. Some of the animation is really quite and some betrays far more of the CGI components than I wanted but that is just my own bias. On the audio side of issues three Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks provide the weight to the music-heavy soundscape. A nicely put collectively mixture of technical specs overall, with the edge going to the audio side of the equation. Special characteristics consist of 4 sing-along videos.

Unless you have got little ones who are begging for it, go ahead and wait a bit before buying The Land Just before Time: Journey of the Brave. The series has a habit of bundling 3 movies collectively in one particular providing and you are going to get much more dino for your money. Plus, it really is presently streaming on Netflix.

DVD Verdict

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