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Van Gogh (The Films of Maurice Pialat: Volume three) (Blu-ray)

The Movie:

Considerably like Mike Leigh’s unfairly neglected artist portrait Mr. Turner, Maurice Pialat’s exceptional 1991 film Van Gogh does not attempt to squeeze its topic into a typical biopic mold rather, it utilizes slice-of-life vignettes to conjure the popular painter as a flesh-and-blood man. Pialat’s version of Vincent Van Gogh is unsurprisingly related to the prickly, emotionally detached, and somewhat debauched protagonists of his earlier fiction films — which are, for the most part, semi-autobiographical. No matter whether or not Pialat has chosen to re-style Van Gogh in his own image is up for debate (and most likely beside the point), but Pialat has undoubtedly transmogrified the final two months of Van Gogh’s life into an additional uniquely individual, bold, and unexpected narrative.

When we very first see rocker-turned-actor Jacques Dutronc, as Van Gogh, getting off a train in rural Auvers-sur-Oise, he seems gaunt and quiet — humbled, even. He’s had his significant breakdown. He’s reduce his ear (despite the fact that Pialat wisely avoids giving Dutronc distracting prosthetic scars) and been hospitalized. Now he just needs to recuperate. When the proprietor of his boarding residence offers him wine, he declares that he doesn’t drink.

Vincent visits the house of Dr. Gachet (Gérard Séty), who is an art collector and amateur painter. The medical doctor claims that there is absolutely nothing physically incorrect with him, and that some rest should do him excellent. The doctor has a petulant teenage daughter, Marguerite (Alexandra London), who sits for Van Gogh a handful of occasions and then commences to flirt with and seduce the far-from-rehabilitated painter. Prior to also lengthy, Van Gogh is indulging in too much booze, painting up a storm, and pondering giving in to the young woman’s advances. A prostitute with whom he had a prior familiarity, Cathy (Elsa Zylberstein), also reappears in Vincent’s life, making a adore triangle that assists to muddy his already not-really-clear mindset.

Pialat pairs this triangle with yet another, even more turbulent one. Vincent’s brother Theo (Bernard Le Coq) and his wife Jo (Corinne Bourdon) each uncover themselves alternately drawn in and repelled by Vincent, as he tries to play them off each other for sympathy. Influential art dealer Theo, as has been oft-dramatized, loved and supported his brother, but failed to discover him any industrial accomplishment in his lifetime, and their interactions in the film are fraught with hardly ever addressed resentments and developing bitterness.

Despite the fact that Pialat’s storytelling style is elliptical and resolutely matter-of-fact, he manages to bring all of his threads together in a relatively tense and emotional third act exactly where Vincent bottoms out and must confront the repercussions of the emotional games he has been playing, with Marguerite and Cathy, and with Theo and Jo. Given that Vincent’s final recourse is already properly-identified, it is not much of a spoiler to reveal that he primarily refuses to face what he has done to these about him. But unlike Vincent, Pialat by no means flinches from digging into the messy psychological and emotional terrain of his subject matter.

Jacques Dutronc won the César (aka the “French Oscar”) for his performance as Van Gogh, and it is a strikingly nuanced (and no doubt emotionally draining) acting job. In truth, the whole cast does fine function, and they fit seamlessly and elegantly into Pialat’s melancholy and slightly drab canvas. Van Gogh is almost certainly not the most factually precise depiction of the painter, but it beautifully represents the intersection of Pialat and Van Gogh’s shared artistry.

The Blu-ray
Van Gogh (The Films of Maurice Pialat: Volume 3) comes in a two-BD set, with the feature film on the first disc and all the bonuses on the second.

The Video:
A slightly soft, but general really pleasing AVC-encoded 1080p 1.66:1 presentation. In matching Pialat’s matter-of-reality method, Emmanuel Machuel’s photography has a typically naturalistic really feel. Some outdoor sequences are a bit lush, with greenery hunting fairly vivid in the dappled sunlight. Minimal digital compression problems.

The Audio:
I am not positive what occurred. The European Blu-ray of this title has a lossless audio track but, like the films in Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Cohen’s Maurice Pialat collections, this release provides only a lossy (448kbps) French Dolby 2. mono track (with optional English subtitles). There are no other significant examples of harm or glaring flaws apparent in this transfer.

Particular Features:

  • Jacques Dutronc Interview (HD upscale, 21:29) – Dutronc puffs on a large stogie, sips red wine, and reflects casually on operating with Pialat. He’s slightly resigned when discussing the issues the two of them had (Pialat apparently micromanaged Dutronc’s performance), and Dutronc’s tone is a single of grudging respect for the late filmmaker.
  • Bernard Le Coq Interview (HD, 31:40) – The actor who played Theo Van Gogh talks about how he was apprehensive to work with Pialat due to the fact of his reputation as moody, combative director. But he claims that his experiences were okay and that his boss, rather getting a tyrant on Van Gogh, was just restlessly browsing for the ideal moments.
  • Emmanuel Machuel Interview (HD, 24:22) – Machuel’s encounter operating on films by Pialat’s hero, Robert Bresson, got him the job as director of photography on Van Gogh. He admits now that he was unprepared to deal with Pialat’s mercurial temperament. He talks about getting fired from the film, re-hired, and then quitting, ahead of describing some of the inventive decisions that he and Pialat collaborated upon to obtain the sometimes naturalistic/at times stylized look of the film.
  • Xavier Giannoli Interview (HD, 40:25) – The director of 2015’s Marguerite talks about his admiration for Maurice Pialat.
  • Deleted Scenes (HD upscale, 46:10) – Film editor Yann Dedet discusses the post-production refinement of the final story of Van Gogh for roughly fifteen minutes, prior to we are treated to a half hour of material deleted from the finished film.
  • Trailers – the original French and new Cohen re-release trailers.

Final Thoughts:
French iconoclast Maurice Pialat puts a lot of himself into this screen version of Vincent Van Gogh. Purists may blanch, but Pialat has such a knack for uncomfortable but understated drama that the film is nothing brief of a triumph. We might not want to be friends with this Van Gogh, but we can’t look away either. Highly Advised.

Justin Remer is a filmmaker, oddball musician, and frequent wearer of beards. He is possibly currently covered in cat hair, to which he is allergic. Check out his band’s new Nick Lowe tribute album.

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Jarhead three: The Siege (Blu-ray)

Judge David Johnson is currently sieging Dunkin’ Donuts.

The very first Jarhead had a nuanced strategy to soldiering. This sequel…not so much.

For Marine Corporal Evan Albright (Charlie Weber), all that is important to him is serving his country in the most badass way achievable. When he gets assigned to an embassy in a turbulent Middle Eastern country (I do not recall any geographical name-drops) the chance for some rooting-tooting violence presents itself.

However, his commanding officer (Scott Adkins, Ninja) does not take pleasure in his bravado and cowboy sensibilities and berates him repeatedly with monologues about how he demands to be a team player and not go out on his own and so on and so forth, all top to the inevitable Worthwhile Moral Lesson about how operating together is amazing and in the very best tradition of America’s military.

Properly, son, those lessons are about to get learned in a big way, when a coordinated terrorist attack leaves the embassy under siege. Now it’s up to Albright, a handful of commandos, a fearsome female tech and Scott Adkins to repel the invading force, safe prime-secret intel and make a moderate quantity of money in the direct-to-video industry.

And that is your movie—a brawny military film that’s all about pouring on the action. In fact, I am not totally certain of the objective of like this in the Jarhead series aside from basic name recognition. Well, I suppose that is your purpose Embassy Attack: Super Attack! almost certainly wouldn’t sell as significantly.

But that’s really what Jarhead three: The Siege is: a standard-concern action film. The characters are thinly put collectively (sneering commander, lone wolf hero, sort-of-racist soldier jerk who’s most likely going to sacrifice himself valiantly at some point), current solely to be our tour guides on a series of relentless squib detonations and abrasive sound effects.

All that mentioned: if you happen to be in the mood for a relentless shoot ’em-up with some hefty patriotism sprinkled in all through, you could do a lot worse than Jarhead three. The action sequences are truly decently staged and there is sufficient of them to hold the film chugging forward (three/4s of this issue is primarily balls-out gun blasting).

One massive demerit even so: Scott Adkins and his impressive mortal combat skill is replaced with “standing about with a sniper rifle” for most of the movie.

Jarhead 3 (Blu-ray) provides a slick 2.35:1/1080p transfer, an aggressive DTS-HD Master Audio five.1 transfer and a generating-of featurette.

Did we give Jarhead three: The Siege (Blu-ray) a fair trial? yes / no

What’s “fair”? Whether or not good or adverse, our reviews ought to be unbiased, informative, and critique the material on its personal merits.

DVD Verdict

The Expendables three (4K Ultra HD) (Blu-ray)

The Film:

For their 1st wave of 4K Ultra HD discs, Lionsgate has released&#13 4 films like The Expendables 3 that hit theaters a&#13 couple of years ago. It is decent decision… it has some marquee worth&#13 and must sell properly given that there are only a handful or titles&#13 offered in the format now, but I’m not certain I’d make the exact same&#13 choice. If you appear closely at the cover to The Expendables 3,&#13 you can tell that the movie is going to have a couple of problems. The&#13 impressive lineup of stars appearing in the film has naturally been&#13 Photoshopped together to make the image. Kelsey Grammer’s head is&#13 as well small in relation to those about him, absolutely everyone is smiling&#13 except Terry Crews who is screaming even though holding a large machine&#13 gun, and Ronda Rousey is the only one seeking away from the camera.&#13 If the creators couldn’t get the stars with each other for a single&#13 photoshoot, how are they going to be in a position to showcase them all in&#13 the film? The answer is: they can’t. This third installment in the&#13 franchise has just a couple of too a lot of stars for its own excellent, meaning&#13 that most of them do not get a lot screen time. Nonetheless, the film is&#13 not a total loss, and if you like your action flicks loud and&#13 over-the-prime, this one is still worth checking out.

&#13 The film starts off with a bang from the start as the remnants of&#13 The Expendables, Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Lee Christmas&#13 (Jason Statham), Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundren), and Toll Road (Randy&#13 Couture) pull off a bravura rescue of their old teammate Physician&#13 Death (Wesley Snipes). Then one of the strengths of the movie&#13 becomes apparent: There is no plot to get in the way of the story (to&#13 borrow an expression from famed drive-in film reviewer Joe Bob&#13 Briggs).

Even though flying away from the introductory prison break, Ross states&#13 that they have yet another job and fly off to a country in Africa. There&#13 they meet up with Caesar (Terry Crews) and attempt to quit an arms deal&#13 when issues go undesirable. It turns out that the individual who is selling the&#13 weapons is none other than Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), a man&#13 Ross believed he had killed years ago, and he has all of the expertise&#13 the Expendables are famed for, and more. Seriously wounding Caesar&#13 (who is out for the rest of the movie) the team is left in shambles.&#13 Declaring that they are too old for this (the 1st of a lot of times in&#13 the film) Ross fires the rest of the group and hires some newbies to&#13 take out Stonebanks: Smilee (Kellan Lutz), Luna (Ronda Rousey),&#13 Thorn (Glen Powell) and Mars (Victor Ortiz). That doesn’t go too&#13 properly either, so Ross teams up with the talkative Galgo (Antonio&#13 Banderas), along with some other pals to rescue the team of&#13 newbies and take out Stonebanks. It all ends with a huge team of&#13 Expendables actually fighting an army although holed up in an derelict&#13 casino/hotel that is wired to explode. Oh yeah, and along the way&#13 Harrison Ford, Kelsey Grammer, Jet Li, and Arnold Schwarzenegger all&#13 pop up to lend a hand.

&#13 There are two sorts of movie-goers: those who see black uniformed&#13 soldiers ride motorcycles into an abandoned multi-story casino at&#13 complete speed and think “why would you do that… it really is stupid” and&#13 these who feel “COOL!” If you are in the former camp, you ought to&#13 most likely give this film a pass. If you happen to be element of the latter group,&#13 this is worth thinking about, but with some caveats. 1 of the&#13 problems that I had with the film is that there are just also several&#13 stars, and for some explanation they added a new crew of new actors too.&#13 To accommodate all of these individuals, Terry Crews had to sit out most&#13 of the film and Jet Li is only in a couple of scenes. It also implies&#13 that they do not have any time to develop the new characters at all,&#13 which is also negative because viewers do not genuinely care if they reside or&#13 die.

Having said that, some of the actors truly got into their roles and&#13 that created the film a lot more exciting than it would have been otherwise. Mel&#13 Gibson seems to be getting a blast chewing the scenery and Antonio&#13 Banderas is excellent as the continuously talking mercenary with a&#13 troubled previous. Of the new crew, they all came across as bland with&#13 the exception of Ronda Rousey who truly stands out. Not for her&#13 acting (though her exacerbated exclamation of “Males!” that she says a&#13 couple of instances is the one particular bit of humor that functions in the film) but&#13 for her martial expertise. Every person can act like they can fight, but&#13 Rousey really can. She reminded me of Bruce Lee playing Kato in&#13 the old Tv show The Green Hornet. Like Lee, her movements&#13 were fluid, ingrained, and organic. Even though the other folks were attempting to&#13 remember exactly where to step and when to punch (and the quite fast cutting&#13 through the fight scenes created it feel like some had been possessing difficulty&#13 getting much more than two seconds worth of moves right at a time),&#13 Rousey made it look like she was truly fighting.

&#13 The Ultra HD Disc:

This UHD set includes the theatrical version of the film on a 4K&#13 disc and a Blu-ray which homes the theatrical and unrated versions&#13 of the film along with all of the extras. The Blu-ray seems to be&#13 identical with the earlier released BR of this film.


The 2160p, HDR image comes with the original two.40:1 aspect ratio and&#13 appears incredible all round. I’ve seen my share of streaming 4K video, but&#13 this is my initial Ultra HD disc and I was really happy with the&#13 outcomes. The level of detail is superb with the finest lines&#13 getting nicely defined. The colors are organic and not exaggerated and&#13 the blacks are amazing. The only genuine flaw I could see, and 1 that&#13 frankly astonished me, was some banding in the sky in a single scene (at&#13 the finish of the battle in Africa where they initial see Stonebanks.&#13 As an alternative of the sky smoothly transitioning from 1 shade to the&#13 subsequent, there is a stair step impact. It is some thing that cropped up&#13 on DVD fairly often and somewhat on Blu-ray, but I was&#13 disappointed and surprised to see it on a 4K disc.


The Dolby Atmos soundtrack was quite solid and will please fans of&#13 the movie. While I unfortunately do a single have a complete Atmos setup&#13 which contains seven standard channels and a subwoofer as effectively as an&#13 extra four ceiling speakers, the disc sounded wonderful on my five.1&#13 setup. The dialog was clear (although it could be hard to recognize&#13 Stallone often when he grumbled beneath his breath, that is not a&#13 fault of the audio mix) and the soundtrack was nicely balanced. There&#13 was a excellent amount of influence for the duration of the frequent battle sequences,&#13 but not really as much as I was expecting. All in all, it was a quite&#13 great sounding disc.


The extras are all on the Blu-ray disc and as a result none of them&#13 are in Ultra HD. They are the very same ones identified on the earlier BR&#13 release. They include a practically hour-lengthy behind the scenes The&#13 Expendables 3 Documentary, New Blood: Stacked and Jacked,&#13 a 16-minute featurette that looks at the new group of Expendables&#13 shown in the film, and an single extended scene. There’s also a&#13 quick featurette about the stunts, Total Action Package, and&#13 a five-minute gag-reel.

Final Thoughts:

This film is flawed and the weakest in the Expendables franchise,&#13 but that does not mean that it does not have a particular amount of&#13 over-the-top charm and much more action than I believed was achievable to&#13 pour into a two-hour film. If you are looking for a mindless evening&#13 of fun, you could do worse. Advisable.

What Do You Think?&#13

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