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Twice-Told Tales (Blu-ray)

The Movie:

Directed by Sidney Salkow in 1963, Twice-Told Tales is a 3 element horror anthology film that adapts a trio of suspenseful short stories originally written by Nathanial Hawthorne.

&#13 &#13

The first of the three stories is Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment, tells the tale of Physician Carl Heidegger (Sebastian Cabot) and his lifelong friend Alex Medbourne (Vincent Cost) as they celebrate his birthday. As the rain comes down, the two men wind up in the crypt of the lady who Carl was to marry, Sylvia Ward (Mari Blanchard), but she passed away from a sudden illness thirty-eight years prior. Heidegger has by no means loved once more, his loss was also great. Whilst in the crypt, Sylvia’s coffin is opened and the two aged males are shocked to discover that her corpse is completely preserved. Heidegger deduces that the only factor that would have accomplished this would be the distinctive water that has been dripping from the roof of the crypt all these years. They take some of the water and use it on themselves and locate that it restores their youth! Armed with this understanding, Heidegger figures if he offers Sylvia enough of this same water, she’ll be rejuvenated and come back to him. And he’s correct. But of course, there’s a catch.

&#13 &#13

Rappaccini’s Daughter is the second tale, Vincent Price plays Giacomo Rappaccini, a stoic and rather strange man who keeps a close eye on his lovely daughter, Beatrice (Joyce Taylor), who is fundamentally held captive within the confines of the household estate. Beatrice has grown up, even so, and she’s fallen head over heels in adore with their neighbor, Giovanni Guasconti (Brett Halsey). Rappaccini, a quiet but flamboyantly attired man, has prepared for this, nevertheless, as he has employed some of the strange purple plants growing in their courtyard to inoculate poor Beatrice with the poison that they produce! Even though Beatrice herself is immune to it, others are not and it is her father’s hope that this cruel twist will preserve her in his possessive clutches for all eternity!

&#13 &#13

Last but not least is The Property Of The Seven Gables. Here Price tag plays Gerald Pyncheon, a man who, along with his wife Alice (Beverly Garland), returned to his family’s property in hopes of taking care of some personal matters and taking ownership of the household fortune to which he feels he is rightfully entitled. The couple reunite with Gerald’s sister, Hannah (Jacqueline deWit), but then items take a strange turn when Alice starts to feel she’s connected with a man named Mathew Maulle (Floyd Simmons), who just so happens to have been dead for years. Is the Pyncheon household curse back to haunt Gerald and his bride or will Maulle’s descendant Jonathan (Richard Denning) somehow save them both from the clutches of insanity?

&#13 &#13

Made to cash in on the success of AIP’s Cost starring Poe adaptations, Twice-Told Tales is not as excellent or as inventive as these earlier images but it is still fairly decent entertainment. The script, written by producer Robert Kent, definitely takes some liberties with Hawthorne’s original supply material but it really is all in the name of generating a much better horror image, so most possibly won’t mind that so considerably. Some of the dialogue feels padded and there are absolutely times where you want director Sidney Salkow to pick up the pace (the film is just a hair over two hours long) but the movie constantly appears quite good. The sets and costumes are bright and colorful when they require to be, and atmospheric and eerie when known as for (the tomb in the opening story is a excellent example of the latter).

&#13 &#13

The actual reason most will be interested in this one particular, however, is Vincent Price tag. The supporting cast members are all fine: Brett Halsey tends to make a dashing adequate hero and Mari Blanchard, Joyce Taylor and Beverly Garland are every just fine as the female lead in their respective stories, but Price is totally the primary attraction (one thing that the poster art, trailer and marketing and advertising components produced extremely clear). He’s quite excellent in each and every 1 of the 3 stories, usually appearing to give 1 hundred percent and chewing just enough of the scenery to keep items interesting even when the pacing droops. Price tag and Sebastian Cabot in distinct have wonderful chemistry here in the 1st story, producing the way that it concludes all the far more chilling. So if this isn’t necessarily a perfect horror anthology, the presence of a horror legend at the best of his game and some fine supporting efforts make sure that, flawed or not, it is nonetheless extremely considerably worthwhile.

&#13 &#13 The Blu-ray:

&#13 Video:

Twice-Told Tales is presented on Blu-ray in 1.66.1 widescreen in an AVC encoded 1080p high definition transfer and typically speaking it appears really good. There are a few modest scuffs and scratches evident right here and there but general the picture is fairly clean. The increase in detail is frequently quite impressive when compared to the prior DVD release from MGM although texture and depth are strong all through as well. Black levels are strong even though shadow detail is really great as effectively. There is no evidence of any noise reduction or edge enhancement nor are there any compression artifacts.

&#13 &#13 Sound:

The only audio alternative for the feature is a DTS-HD 2. Mono track, in the film’s native English. No alternate language options or subtitles are offered. Once more, we get a good upgrade when compared to the DVD. The score has far more depth and clarity to it although balance is spot on. That implies that there aren’t any troubles understanding the dialogue when the music or effects kick in. Hiss and distortion are non-problems. A really fine mix all round, a single that would seem to be an correct representation of the original elements.

&#13 &#13 Extras:

The main added on the disc is an audio commentary from film historians Richard Harland Smith and Perry Martin and it’s a excellent one particular. These guys hit the correct balance of severe and informative mixed with laid back and humorous. They make some pretty exciting observations about Price’s wardrobe in the film (in the second story they note that audiences wanted nothing less than to see Price hunting fabulous!) but also about his performances right here. There’s plenty of background info provided up for every and every a single of the primary cast members and some crucial insight into the effectiveness of the direction as properly. By the time this is more than you will not only be a veritable specialist in the career of Brett Halsey but you’ll also be taken to school on the frequent variations that pop up between the filmed versions of these stories and Nathanial Hawthorne’s original stories. This is undoubtedly worth taking the time to check out, especially if you’ve seen the movie a lot more than when (it makes a great way to revisit it and learn something at the very same time).

&#13 &#13

Outdoors of that we get a theatrical trailer for the function, a Trailers From Hell segment (hosted by Mick Garris), bonus trailers for Tales Of Terror and Bava’s Black Sabbath, static menus and chapter selection.

&#13 &#13 Final Thoughts:

Twice-Told Tales is not the higher point of Price’s sixties horror outings but it really is a entertaining film with some intriguing supporting players. Price tag fans will get the most out of it as he headlines each and every a single of the three Hawthorne adaptions that make up the film and he does pretty excellent function right here as well. There is enough style, wit, charm and suspense right here that this is definitely worth seeing and Kino’s Blu-ray gives up a extremely good upgrade more than the DVD in terms of high quality highlighted by a really fascinating audio commentary. Advisable.

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