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Via Saturday at GoHastings, a choice of Utilised DVD’s are 30% off with coupon GOTEM .  S&ampH adds $ 1.29/item. 

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My Fair Lady (Blu-ray) 50th Anniversary Edition

Judge Clark Douglas could have danced all night.

By my count, this is the fourth time My Fair Lady has been reviewed on this web site. Back in 2004, Judge Mike Pinsky called it, “infectious and entertaining.” In 2009, Judge Christopher Kulik mentioned that, “It’s tough not to marvel at the sheer opulence and extraordinary craftsmanship exhibited by My Fair Lady.” In 2011, yours really (tasked with reviewing the film’s first Blu-ray release) described the film as a, “joyous cinematic experience a delightfully intelligent and thoughtful entertainment that runs circles about the average movie musical.” All 3 of us had a slightly different take on the material (and you can study the complete critiques for more detailed requires on the film’s strengths and weaknesses), but the basic consensus is that it really is a genuine charmer. So, there’s no genuine need to cover the same territory again. As an alternative, let’s answer the genuine question you have: do you actually require to buy yet an additional version of My Fair Lady?

The short answer: Yes.

The longer answer: the film’s original Blu-ray disc was one thing of a disappointment, providing a transfer based on a middling restoration of the film that was carried out back in the 1990s. In an excellent world, that initial version of the movie would have featured a brand-new restoration and a sensational transfer, but alas, the film was more or less treated like a normal catalogue release rather than as one of the most crucial film musicals of its era. Excessive noise reduction, an incorrect aspect ration (two:35:1 alternatively of two:20:1) and middling detail produced a film that must have looked terrific look rather plain. Fortunately, those wrongs have been righted by this new disc.

I dismissed the preceding transfer with an “eh, it is okay” shrug, but My Fair Lady (Blu-ray) 50th Anniversary Edition gives a brand-spanking-new 1080p/two.20:1 4K transfer that makes the 2011 disc look like an embarrassment. There is a huge uptick in high quality this time around, with bright, vivid colors and beautiful detail. The film’s organic grain structure has been left intact, as well, providing the film a warmth and richness that tends to make an huge difference. Darker scenes benefit from deep, inky blacks and robust shadow delineation. This is every little thing the disc need to have been from the beginning. The new DTS HD 7.1 Master Audio mix is sensational, as well, also enhancing tremendously on the original disc’s (respectable) 5.1 mix. The music sounds so wealthy and full, there are occasions when you might wonder if you’re listening to a modern day musical. Dialogue is crisp and clean all through, as well.

The other reason to verify out the disc is that it comes with a new batch of supplements, although the preceding Blu-ray release limited its bonus features to old stuff from the special edition DVD. The new stuff: two featurettes (“The Story of a Lady” and “Design and style for a Lady”) a Rex Harrison radio interview (1 minute), production tests (7 minutes), footage from the British premiere (two minutes) and a host of trailers. It’s absolutely nothing as well substantial, but most of the older material is incorporated, as properly: an hour-long making-of documentary, a lot more featurettes and lots of intriguing archival footage. All of the old functions have been upgraded to HD this time around (they have been presented in dismal 480i on the original disc), which tends to make a huge difference. Disappointingly, the commentary from the initial disc is not integrated this time around—the 1 fault of an otherwise-terrific release.

The new bonus characteristics are not as substantial as I’d like, but the distinction in audio/video quality is so striking that this is an important upgrade. It really is one of the finest HD presentations of the year, even if it is arriving a few years too late. Highly recommended.

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