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Death Valley Days: The Full Initial Season

Judge P.S. Colbert burns green when his Irish temper is up.

There’s Borax in them there hills!

“Howdy! I’m the Old Ranger, and Death Valley’s my stampin’ ground. Many’s the tale of adventure I’m going to tell you about the Death Valley nation. True stories, mind you—I can vouch for that!”—The Old Ranger (Stanley Andrews, It really is A Great Life)

That folksy introduction opens each and every one of the eighteen episodes incorporated in Death Valley Days: The Full Season.

• “How Death Valley Got Its Name”
• “She Burns Green”
• “The Death Valley Kid”
• “The Lost Pegleg Mine”
• “The Little Bullfrog Nugget”
• “Self-Made Man”
• “The Chivaree”
• “The Small Dressmaker Of Bodie”
• “Cynthy’s Dream Dress”
• “The Rival Hash Homes”
• “The Lady With The Blue Silk Umbrella”
• “Swamper Ike”
• “The Bell Of San Gabriel”
• “Claim Jumpin’ Jennie”
• “The Bandits Of Panamin”
• “Sego Lillies”
• “Little Oscar’s Millions”
• “Land Of The Totally free”

The initial tale goes way back to Autumn1849, when a wagon train of pioneers veer off the trail in their eagerness to reach California, then in the heat of a gold rush. Alternatively of a brief reduce to riches, nevertheless, the travelers find themselves on a life-threatening, barren stretch of wasteland that appears to stretch into eternity.

Positioned in Eastern California, close to the Nevada border, Death Valley represents the lowest, hottest and driest spot in North America. Its rocky floor is set 282 feet under sea level, and on July ten, 1933, the temperature was measured at 134 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest in the continent’s history.

Yup, that initial traveling band had a mighty grim ride, all appropriate, but by 1882, as the Old Ranger tells it, that seemingly barren stretch of wasteland became “much more crucial than a goldmine,” as soon as Borax deposits had been discovered there.

The multi-functional mineral compound, located in dry lake beds, came in chunky white “cottonball” clusters, and a miner could decide no matter whether he’d gotten hold of the genuine thing—as opposed to some similar searching sun-blanched rock—by performing a simple test. Pour on a bit of alcohol and a bit of sulfuric acid, then light it.

Take it from grizzled ol’ prospector Fye Jones (Hank Patterson, Petticoat Junction): “If she burns green, she’s Borax!”

As a matter of reality, this Western anthology series was sponsored by the “20 mule team” Pacific Borax Company when it began its fifteen year run as a CBS radio show in 1930, and once more when the program hopped mediums, beginning its eighteen year run as a syndicated tv program in 1952.

Surprisingly, the brains behind the outfit was a Vassar-educated native New Yorker named Ruth Cornwall Woodman. Ms. Woodman was functioning as a copywriter for an advertising business when she was assigned to the Pacific Borax account, and went on to write effectively over a thousand scripts (including each episode in this set) for the series until she retired in 1963.

The stories incorporated in Death Valley Days: The Complete Initial Season run the gamut, featuring desert rats, city slickers, con artists, highway bandits, bank robbers, dirt farmers, saloon singers, saddle tramps, dance hall girls and even a lepidopterist all the way from Boston, with an equal quantity of juicy roles for men and women alike—not to mention burros. More importantly, the material—which usually displays a wry, comic wit—is uniformly sturdy, and regardless of an clearly shoestring budget (occasional takes feature actors muffing their lines), these half-hour segments are properly acted and exceedingly entertaining.

I did not see any budding superstars among the cast, but I did spot a quantity of beloved character actors and cult favorites, such as Lyle Talbot (Program 9 From Outer Space), Gail Davis (Annie Oakley), Hal Smith (The Andy Griffith Show), Joyce Jameson (The Comedy of Terrors), Denver Pyle (Welcome To L.A.), Phyllis Coates (I Was A Teenage Frankenstein), Jock Mahoney (Tarzan Goes To India) and even Hopalong Cassidy’s ol’ buddy Andy Clyde.

Timeless Media Group deserves best marks for this DVD collection. There’s no mention of restoration being carried out, but these ancient, complete-frame black and white episodes look and sound nearly pristine. The set includes no extras, but if the audio-visual good quality of Death Valley Days:The Comprehensive Initial Season is any indication of factors to come, classic Western television fans are going to really feel like they’ve struck gold. Just keep in mind to fill your canteen and do not forget the sunscreen.

DVD Verdict

X-guys: Days Of Future Previous (Blu-ray)

The Film:

Bryan Singer returns to the director’s chair of X-males: Days of&#13 Future Past. Right after directing the 1st two motion pictures in the&#13 series he left the franchise to the hands of other individuals but returns with&#13 a bang. Loosely primarily based on a classic two-concern story from Marvel’s Uncanny&#13 X-Guys comic, Days of Future Past introduces a favourite&#13 SF staple to the franchise: time travel. Managing to capture the&#13 exciting, excitement, and adventure of his the 1st two installments,&#13 this film was a wonderful decision to release on the new 4K Ultra HD&#13 format. Not only is it a great action flick, it is visually striking&#13 and really packs a sonic punch.

&#13 Things have not gone well for Professor Xavier’s mutants: they are&#13 practically extinct. An army of giant robots, called Sentinels, are able&#13 to instantaneously counter any mutant power, and they’ve been programed to&#13 seek out and kill any mutants they can find. They have accomplished a very&#13 excellent job of it. There is nevertheless a tiny group left however, thanks to&#13 Kitty Pryde. She’s capable to send a person’s consciousness back in&#13 time to a period a couple of days prior. With this trick they’ve been in a position&#13 to keep one particular step ahead of the Sentinels but their numbers and&#13 resources are dwindling and it is only a matter of time just before&#13 they are wiped out.

Holed up in an ancient Chinese monetary, Charles Xavier and his&#13 mutants choose on one particular final desperate gamble. Kitty can’t send any individual&#13 back in time a lot more than a few days due to the strain on the&#13 time-traveler, but what if someone could reside by means of a trip farther&#13 in the past? Wolverine, who can heal from any wound or injury,&#13 volunteers to go back to 1973, a fateful time for mutant-type. It&#13 was in that year that the shape-shifter Mystique tried to kill the&#13 inventor of the Sentinels, Dr. Bolivar Trask. She fails and was&#13 captured by the government, and Trask obtained some of her DNA. He&#13 was sooner or later in a position to integrate her capability to alter into a new&#13 generation of Sentinels which created them unstoppable.

So right after surviving a trip into the past, all Wolverine has to do is&#13 purpose a young Xavier into aid him break the most dangerous mutant&#13 in the world (Magneto) out of a high security jail, talk Magneto&#13 into aiding their strategy, and then track down and convince Mystique to&#13 NOT kill the man who has been dissecting mutants as nicely as making&#13 mutant-killing robots. Yeah, piece of cake.

This movie fires on all cylinders the complete way through, and it&#13 performs on a number of levels. It is a wonderful action flick with a lot of&#13 thrilling battles that fans of superhero movies have come to really like,&#13 but there’s also a much more dramatic element. There’s a simmering&#13 tension amongst different members of the group back in 1973, and there&#13 are some concerns about what Magneto genuinely intends to do. The&#13 mutants, specially Xavier aren’t portrayed as excellent and&#13 infallible, which is good and adds to the appeal of the film.

The sets and design of the film are great too. They’ve captured&#13 the appear and feel of the 1970’s wonderfully (and this is coming from&#13 somebody who lived via it) and that add a lot to the enjoyable of the&#13 film. The action sequences are stunning too. The battles with the&#13 Sentinels are impressive eye candy, but the highlight of the film is&#13 the memorable ‘kitchen scene’ where the rapidly Quicksilver actually cuts&#13 loose. With a good story, excellent effects, and best-notch acting, this&#13 film is a winner.

The Ultra HD Disc:

&#13 This release comes with each a 4K Ultra HD disc and a Blu-ray disc&#13 in a single-width keepcase. Regrettably, the 3D version is not&#13 included, so you are going to have to make a decision which is more essential, 3D or&#13 4K, or you could constantly acquire each. I am sure the studio wouldn’t thoughts.


Like the many of the other 1st wave 4K UHD titles, this film was&#13 sourced from a 2K master that was upconverted. Even so, this disc is&#13 an improvement over the Blu-ray release. There is an boost in&#13 detail, but the colors are exactly where the large distinction is to be located.&#13 The HDR encoding does truly works effectively on this disc, and many of&#13 the scenes really pop. Getting mentioned that, there doesn’t appear to be&#13 really the distinction in between the (admittedly excellent) Blu-ray and&#13 this UHD disc. Undertaking and A-B comparison there is certainly a&#13 difference, but it really is not as apparent as the other UHD’s I’ve seen.


The movie arrives with a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track, but like&#13 Fox’s other very first wave releases, there is not a Dolby Atmos or DTS:X&#13 track accessible. Even with no the newest audio on the disc, the&#13 movie nonetheless sounds extremely impressive. This is a film that has a lot&#13 of audio presence and it is reproduced wonderfully on the disc.&#13 There are numerous scenes that merely fill the room with sound and the&#13 climax of the sequence with Quicksilver worked really effectively. Whilst I&#13 would have loved it if Fox included an Atmos track, this will&#13 definitely do till one comes along.


There are no extras on the UDH disc. All of them are included on the&#13 BR disc, and for that reason are not presented in 2160p.

The extras incorporate a five-minute gag reel that is okay, a short&#13 featurette on how the kitchen sequence was made, a 12-minute look at&#13 some of the supporting mutants in the film, and Classification:&#13 M, which was a small bland for my tastes. There is also X-Guys:&#13 Reunited a 9-minute look at how this project came with each other, a&#13 9-minute featurette on the baddies of the film, Sentinels: For A&#13 Secure Future, a good appear at the 4 actors who play two&#13 important roles, Magneto and Xavier, in distinct occasions, and five&#13 and a half minutes worth of deleted scenes with optional commentary&#13 by director Bryan Singer.

The extras are wrapped up with an image gallery, a second screen&#13 app, trailers, and a sneak peak of Exodus: Gods and Kings.&#13 Even though there’s a lot of content material, none of these have been truly quite&#13 exciting.

Final Thoughts:

X-men: Days of Future Past is a fantastic action film and the 4K&#13 presentation is actually does the film justice. With a bit a lot more detail&#13 and much more striking colors than the BR release, this is a winner. Hugely&#13 Recommended.

What Do You Feel?&#13

Blu-Ray Evaluations

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