Broad City: Season two

Appellate Judge Patrick Bromley is not a “broad.” He’s a lady.

“My biggest weakness is that I drop my purse a lot. But my most significant strength is that I usually get it back.”

I came a bit late to Comedy Central’s Broad City, so while I would love to say that I’ve identified for two years that it is 1 of the funniest shows on tv, I cannot. It is only been in my current attempts to catch up with the series in anticipation of its third season premiere that I discovered what I’ve been missing. Now I can say it: Broad City is 1 of the funniest shows on television.

Adapted from the internet series designed by stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the show casts them as Abbi and Ilana, two twenty-some thing greatest close friends navigating life in New York city: dating, working jobs they do not like and trying to discover the time to do the things they really really like like binge watch Tv, get higher and fundamentally screw around. In Season Two, newly out on DVD, Abbi gets her wisdom teeth out, ultimately dates her cute neighbor and hangs out with Kelly Ripa although Ilana gets new responsibilities at function, goes buying for knockoff handbags in New York and hooks up with the adore of her life, a mirror version of herself (played by Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat). Just another day in Broad City.

It is uncommon to see such refined comic voices from actors who have been primarily unknown commodities (both have completed work with the Upright Citizens Brigade) prior to breaking out on television, but that’s precisely what is occurred right here. I’m a fan of Season One of Broad City, but the second season is even more confident and prepared to take weird chances. It really is a miracle that this show airs on Comedy Central and not HBO, offered the quantity of dirty, dirty sex speak and casual drug use that requires location (the DVDs do not bother to bleep out the cursing), but the show is far better for it. This is the show that happens when you give exciting voices free reign to make the show that is an extension of that voice. Broad City is both the show we want and the show we want.

Enough praise cannot be heaped up on Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the creators, stars and writers of several of the episodes. They develop such distinct characters without going out of their way to point out their tics or foibles, as an alternative permitting us to get to know them over time and understand why it is funny when Ilana will touch Abbi’s arm for just a second or two too long. They find very different techniques to be funny whilst still producing two characters who are both fully believable as human beings (often a rarity on sitcoms) and specifically as very best friends. That is my favored part of Broad City, truly for as funny as it is, the show is in the end a testament to the deep, deep friendship that runs amongst Abbi and Ilana each on and off screen. It gives the series an undercurrent of sweetness even though it can in no way be accused of being the least bit sentimental.

Broad City: Season two comes to DVD (no Blu-ray is accessible, unfortunately) courtesy of Comedy Central, with all ten episodes spread out evenly more than two discs. The 1.78:1 widescreen series has been formatted for 16×9 playback and looks very good for common def this is a brightly-lit, clean and colorful show brought properly to life on DVD. The stereo audio track keeps the dialogue clear whilst balancing the occasional music cue, regardless of whether it’s the short theme song that kicks off each episode or the occasional Lady Gaga number for Abbi to dance naked to upon discovering she has the apartment to herself. A decent number of extras have been integrated, practically all of which are worth watching simply because they provide much more of a excellent thing: there are deleted scenes and outtakes that are usually just as funny as what was left in, plus five very brief webisodes (like two minutes) in which the girls talk to one particular yet another over FaceTime. There are a couple of “Body by Trey” shorts featuring Abbi’s trainer boss and a brief clip of voice memos left by Ilana’s co-worker Nicole. Rounding out the bonus features is a series of clips from the episodes that are playable with pop-up style trivia. I would have preferred to hear the girls do a much more standard commentary.

Broad City has currently been renewed by Comedy Central by way of a fifth season. This is very good news. The show is just a couple of episodes into Season 3 and has shown no actual signs of inconsistency when it comes to quality—every episode is funny, and every episode delivers the opportunity to hang out with Abbi and Ilana. The DVD set of Broad City: Season Two has some exciting bonus content material, but that’s not why I think you need to invest in a copy. It is because someday the show will not be on Tv anymore and you are going to still need to keep these girls close by.

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