Backtrack (Blu-ray)

Judge Clark Douglas forgot some thing. He’ll be proper back.

Absolutely nothing haunts like the previous.

Backtrack is a reasonably effectively-crafted psychological thriller held back by the reality that it doesn’t have 1 single element that feels distinctive. The direction

The 5th Wave (Blu-ray)

Judge Patrick Naugle is cinema’s last line of defense.

The Fight for humanity has begun.

I have to give this to The 5th Wave: the film surely wastes no time getting to the alien invasion. Inside only a handful

Cutter&#039s Way (1981) (Blu-ray)

Judge Patrick Naugle stopped self-harming years ago.

Alex Cutter had a fantasy…one of his friend’s could not escape!

Cutter’s Way stars Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski) as Richard Bone, a yacht salesman who is friends with a disabled loose cannon

Theory of Obscurity (Blu-ray)

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

We’ve all seen the image: four tuxedoed men in eyeball masks with top hats and canes. These masked men are the avant-garde band and multimedia performance artists known as The Residents.

Ride Along 2 (Blu-ray)



I said it in my Blu-ray review for Ride Along and I’ll say it again: I like Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. But that film and its sequel, Ride Along 2, provide tiny to advise. I …

War And Peace (Blu-ray)

The title War &amp Peace must require no introduction for most. The novel is of legendary stature both for its lengthy page count and as a respected tome of philosophy and literature. But fear not entertainment seekers, right here we …